29 and bad at doing my makeup

Sitting here thinking about how bad I’m at doing my makeup lol. Yes, I will be 30 soon, I have spent hours and years watching youtube videos and I still suck at makeup. Please tell me I’m not the only one?. I was in my room looking at all the stuff I have bought over the years that need to throw out because they’re expired and I’m asking myself why did I waste my hard earned money on stuff because some youtubers said it was good lol. I’m sure I’m not alone in this predicament with having makeup I don’t use, can’t use or have any idea how it should be used. This is something I will be changing for this year I will only get what is important for my basic makeup routine. I have already started getting rid of the stuff I don’t use. I’m so heartbroken about having to get rid of expensive stuff I haven’t used, I wish I can go back in time and not get them.

#Can’tfolloweverythingyouseeadvertisedorproclaimedtobethebest #saveyourmoney